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"The more pregnancy is lived like an illness, the more it becomes in itself a cause of illness" 

~Michael Odent, M.D. 


Birth Experiences

Some of the families we have served would like to share a glimpse of their birth experiences with you in their own words.

"Jennifer and Alisa, I can not tell you how much I appreciate all that you did for me and [my baby] before, during and after the birth.  We were truly blessed in every way when we chose you as our midwife!  Thank you so much for letting me call anytime and for being there for me when I needed it the most!  Thank you!" April B. 2005 To read April's home birth story, click here.

"Thank you for allowing yourself to be a blessing to so many lives.  Our family cherishes the memories of our 2 home births and you are a special part of those memories.  Thanks for everything!" L.T. 2002

"Thank you so much for all the time and energy you spent in preparing us for parenthood!  And thanks for letting me use up so many of your cell phone minutes to ask every little question that was worrying me.  You have become so special to us!"  E.W. 2002

"Thank you for being for me in Texas as my friend through this most life changing experience.  I have enjoyed your friendship so much and have learned so much through you.  I am really amazed at how God has used you to help me find life and peace.  I will always remember you and to 'keep searching my whole life.' Thank you for sharing my pain and joys.  [My baby] will know you all her days because I will tell her of my special friend forever.  May God bless, bless and bless you."  R.C. 2001

"Thank you for helping me to have such a wonderful experience in [my baby's] labor and birth.  The home birth was even more special than I had hoped it would be, because I was surrounded and supported by friends the entire time.  I admire you for your dedication to this wonderful profession of helping mothers and babies get the best possible start together.  It takes a special person to be willing to be on call all the time, sacrifice your sleep- and all for other people's babies!"  T.Y. 2001

"Words really can not express our gratitude for the care you gave throughout my pregnancy and the extraordinary effort given on our birth day.  I am very happy that we chose a home birth and feel extremely fortunate to have you as our midwife.  I knew [our baby] was in good hands when she needed it most, and can never thank you enough for delivering our beautiful daughter with such care and concern.  With much love and thanks!" M.R. 2001

"I hope you know how special you are to me, and you always will be a beautiful and magical star when I remember this birthing year." J.B. 2001

"Once again we appreciate your wonderful services!  Thank you so much for your assistance with [our baby's] birth.  I so enjoy (if that's the word!) how you handle everything during and after the birth.  Your calmness is such a blessing."  A.W. 2001

"Thank you for the best prenatal care possible.  Your devotion and kindness will make anyone else who cares for me pale in comparison.  Thank you for your friendship that came at the perfect time in my life.  Best put in my husband's words, 'Alisa kept you sane for many months.'  Thank you for the many laughs and tears you have brought into my life.  May there be many more!"  L.P.  2000

"How can I ever begin to thank you for the role that you have played in my life?  From the very beginning I had the up most confidence that my baby and I were 100% safe in your hands.  As we got to know each other, my family and I fell totally in love with you.  You have such a bright personality and a sweet spirit that draws people near to you.  You have stayed for hours past your visit to hear me talk, cry or complain about the newest "drama" in my life.  I never would have guessed that I could feel so totally bonded to you.  I cannot explain to you how at peace I felt in your care.  Any fear that I had, you quickly diminished while being totally honest and up front with me.  You have gone way beyond your call of duty to be a friend, a confidant and a psychologist with always the right words to say.  You have played a tremendous role in my life and in the arrival of [my baby]." H.M. 1999

"We can't begin to thank you enough for all you have done concerning the twins birth and since then.  I don't know how we would have managed without you, especially those first few day." G.S. 1999  

"I have birthed at home three times with Alisa or Jennifer or both midwives present.  They each have their own style and strengths, but both are dedicated to helping each mother achieve her dream of a healthy home birth experience."  Beth W.  2001, 2004 and 2006.  To read Beth's three home birth stories click here

"I have learned a lot from midwives and am grateful for their individual callings, their excellent training, and genuine care.  I am grateful to have learned all that I have from them about nutrition in pregnancy and how it can directly relate to the birth and health of my babies.  I am grateful for my midwives...they have taught me much; honored my story and instincts; informed me of my choices without pressure, respected my decisions, education, and instincts; cleaned my home after birth; taught me about nursing; and put my family and me to bed so we can rest after birth. They became and remain my friend.  That to me is the definition of a midwife...with woman.  I birth at home because it is where I feel it is appropriate for normal birth and where I personally feel safe.  After my initial birth experience in a birthing center, I chose to birth at home. My second child was born at home.  I later went on to carry twins to term, and birthed them at home.  They were over 8 pounds each and came out breech.  It was such an exhausting pregnancy and an eventful and joyous birth.  I am glad I was home."  M. F. 2000 and 2002  


If Jennifer and or Alisa were present with you through your pregnancy and birth and you would like to share that experience with others through this website, please send us an e-mail.



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